The Mission of High Plains Nordic Ski Education Association is to provide enhanced opportunities for adolescent skiers to develop their endurance fitness and technical skill for Nordic ski racing. High Plains is committed to providing several off-season training camps and leading participation at the annual USSA Junior Nationals.

High Plains Nordic Ski Education Association is a 501c(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization and a United States Ski and Snowboard Association sanctioned district under the Intermountain Division. High Plains is supplemental to the Wyoming High School Activities Association’s program of Nordic skiing. The two work closely to support Wyoming Nordic skiers. Nearly all of the High Plains coaches and skiers participate in Wyoming High School programs and are committed to the unique values that are found within high school programs. High Plains provides the important opportunity for high school athletes to compete at the National and International levels. Skiers from southern Montana and western South Dakota are welcome to join High Plains Nordic when there is no USSA club within a reasonable distance.

Qualifying and attending the USSA Junior Nationals is THE premier top level racing opportunity for young nordic athletes. This is the best in the country and is your opportunity to qualify for Regional and National level camps and international racing opportunities. If you are thinking about skiing in college at any level, this is a must.

Many of our Wyoming High School races are also qualifying races for High Plains. This is an extraordinary opportunity for our Wyoming high school Nordic athletes to be able to afford to participate at a National level. In other regions around the country athletes travel long distances and pay entry fees to participate in their regions Junior National Qualifiers. While High Plains athletes do have to pay for the trip expenses to attend Junior Nationals, the overall expenses for participation are comparatively low.

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