NOVEMBER 19th, 2022


LVHS Commons

Just want to make a donation to the team?


or mail a check to

Lander Ski Team C/o Emily Tilden

34 Gale Drive, Lander, WY 82520

How to Sell Your Gear

Go through your garages, closets and sheds to find your unused gear. We love skis of all kind, but will take anything; outdoor clothing, bikes, fishing poles, snowshoes, ice-skates, even scuba gear! Paired items such as skis, poles, footwear, etc should be banded together so they don’t get lost.

Print out this consignment form and attach one form securely to each item (or pair). We also have forms available at the swap if you are a day-of kind of person or want some suggestions about pricing.

If you never want to see this item again, nor receive funds from the sale, please write “Donation” instead of your name.

If you would like your 70% cut of the sale, please write your name on the consignment form.

If your item doesn’t sell and you would like it back, please write your name and contact info as listed.

Bring your items to Lander Valley High School located at 400 Baldwin Creek Road between 7:30AM and 8:30AM on Saturday November 19th. Please plan to leave the premises between 8:30 and 9AM, so that we can keep the market fair to everyone.

Check back in with us at 11:30AM to see if any of your items sold. If they did, we will give you 70% of the sales, usually in cash, sometimes as a check depending on our cash flow. The other 30% goes to the kids. If you have unsold items, please collect them at this time. Unclaimed items will be donated.

How to Purchase Gear

Come to the Lander Valley High School Commons located at 350 Baldwin Creek Road between 9AM and 11AM to shop, try on and purchase new-to-you equipment. We will have community “experts” on hand to help answer your questions.

We accept cash, check and credit card.