A printable copy of the 2020/21 race schedule can be found HERE.

Official race results can be found here.

Information on purchasing a team jacket can be found here.

Required forms for athletes can be found here.

Sign up to get text or email reminders of when the team will be arriving at the high school after meets and practice here.


Athletes will be required to complete screening and temperature checks prior to going to the locker rooms. All Nordic girls lockers will be at the west end of their locker room. Nordic boys will need to change into practice clothing in the auxiliary locker room due to required team separation in the locker room. It is advised that boys keep their practice gear in a gear bag that we will secure in a storage area. Masks will be required at all times when in the building.


Masks will be required at all times when on the bus. Parents may transport their athletes. Students may transport themselves on a limited basis.

PRACTICE VENUE: ​Masks not required. Social distancing required.

TRAVEL TO COMPETITIONS:​ Our goal is to maximize participation at competitions. However, this season presents some challenges. In an effort to minimize overnight stays we may be traveling back to Lander between competition days when feasible. When not feasible we may be bringing a reduced number of competitors due to the fact we are limiting motel rooms to double occupancy. This season it is also an option for parents to transport their athletes to and from competitions.

Needless to say, the pandemic impacts are subject to change.