LVHS Ski Equipment Rental Agreement

All rental equipment is owned by the LVHS Ski Team and is made available to enable students who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Most skiers who rent are first year skiers who are not sure whether they will continue in the sport or by skiers who cannot afford the investment of purchasing their own equipment. If you are still growing you may also want to rent.

If you know that you will continue in the sport, we recommend that you purchase one pair of skis or boots per season to spread out the financial investment. Ski gear makes really great Christmas presents!

Please be aware that you will not be renting top of the line equipment.

LVHS is not obligated to provide ski equipment to team members. With this in mind, please care for the equipment responsibly, so that we may continue to offer rental equipment:

Store your skis and poles in ski bag.

Make sure that your skis have ski ties on when in ski bag and do your best to keep track of the ski ties!!!

Do not use your skis for jumping or skiing off trail.

Inspect your bindings regularly and report any issues to a coach.

We acknowledge that through normal use, poles and skis may occasionally break and you will not be held responsible in this instance. You WILL be held responsible, however, if equipment is broken through improper use or abuse.

Equipment is assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Equipment will be withheld until this agreement is returned with the appropriate fee. Rental funds are used to update existing and purchase new equipment.

Rental Fees:

$25 one pair skis (replacement cost approximately $200-$300)

$30 one pair boots (replacement cost approximately $200-$300)

$10 one pair poles (replacement cost approximately $80)

$10 ski bag (replacement cost approximately $30)

$100 The Whole Package (classic skis, skate skis, combi boots, two pair poles and ski bag) (Total replacement value $800 or more)


Athlete Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Amount Paid: $_____________

Parent Signature: __________________________________________Date: __________

Please make checks payable to LVHS Ski Team.

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