Parent’s Introductory Letter 2012-2013

Welcome to LVHS Cross-Country Skiing 2012-13

Parents play a critical role to the LVHS Ski Team.  While the coaches do the lion’s share of organizing and coaching the parents are integral members of the team, overseeing banquets and providing logistical support for our home meet.  Parents also support team unity, team commitment, team spirit, and behind-the-scenes time management and health maintenance.   Parent support will be essential for several events described below.


  •  This brand new site was created thanks to Matt Herr and the Coaches.  It features: the calendar and meet information; Pictures; background info about skiing; team forms and more.  Check it out!
  • E-mail – Our primary means of communication will be through e-mail.  Ensure that we have your correct address by checking the posted spreadsheet.
  • Photos – Matt Herr will be compiling photos throughout the season.  Anyone can contribute to the photo compilation by sending Matt their images.  A slide show will be generated for the Final Awards Banquet.
  • Bumper sticker – Each family receives a magnetic LVHS Nordic Bumper Sticker to proudly display on vehicles.  Additional stickers may be purchased for $5.00


  • Race Support – The race schedule is posted.  Races are skied on Fri & Sat every other weekend while school is in session.  Parent spectators are much appreciated.  At most ski areas the parents are allowed to ski on trails adjacent to the race course and move around the course for different vantage points.  Before and after meets the parents are usually allowed to ski the area.  Skiers will need to travel with bags of healthy food for travel lunch, snacks and between-event energy.   In general, the colder the conditions the more food the skiers need.
  • Travel Treats – Baked Goods and snacks to share on the bus are always appreciated (I.e., quick breads, cookies, energy bars, and fruit).


  • Lander Race – Feb 22-23 Our biggest support effort of the season!  This year Lander will host State Championships.   Parents and many members of the community volunteer to make the race a success.  Volunteer responsibilities run the gambit of helping to time the meet, to supplying and staffing the food/cocoa table, to marshalling the course.  Stay tuned for more information and sign-up requests.
  • Lander Meet Banquet – Feb 22  At all races the home team hosts a banquet on Friday evening.  As the hosts of State Championships this will be a big event for us.  The banquet will include carry-in from our team plus some local restaurant support.  We’ll be serving all of the attending teams and families (200+).  Parents will be asked to help plan, prepare food, attend and help with set-up and clean-up.  More details to follow with sign-up requests.
  • Full Moon Ski Events – If scheduling permits, we’ll do a few fun night skis.  Parents are asked to contribute snacks and drinks to be enjoyed at the Beaver Creek Yurt.  Parents are welcome to join in the fun.
  • Soldier Hollow, UT (Junior National Qualifying) Race – Feb 1-2  This LVHS meet held at the SLC Olympic XC Venue also serves as a regional qualifying meet for Junior Nationals.  The competition is stout and an awesome experience for our skiers.  For the past couple of years parents have organized team breakfasts and dinners out of a condo located at the team lodging.   We’ve asked parents for help with planning and providing cookies or energy bars. Parents that can come to Soldier Hollow are asked to help serve meals and cleanup and are invited to eat with the team.   Consider going – it’s a fun race, incredible spectating opportunity and parents can ski the venue.  We’ll be reserving a block of rooms for parents at a reduced rate at the Homestead or Zermatt in Midway, UT. More details will follow.
  • Awards Banquet – Date TBD  This closing event provides opportunity to share in the team’s successes, commend out letter-earning athletes and celebrate our departing seniors.   The parents provide the food for this pot-luck style carry-in.  More details, perhaps even a theme, to follow
  • Team Dinners – In past years we have held dinners at skier’s houses several times during the year, usually on a Thursday prior to a race or on a rest day.  Parents can attend if they want, or just send some contribution with their skier if possible.  The Merritt’s volunteer to do one at their house, and if others want to volunteer, we can schedule those.   This is a fun, supervised, relaxing time for this hard-working group of athletes.

Thanks and Welcome