Hi all –

We will not be racing in Casper this weekend. We’ll have practice as usual the rest of the week. Next week we will not practice on Christmas Eve or Christmas, but will practice Weds the 26th through Friday the 28th. The next week we will have practice Monday the 31st, no practice New Year’s Day, then practice Weds the 2nd, waxing Thursday, and leaving Friday morning for the meet in Pinedale. We’ll have practice in the mornings over break; the bus will leave from the field house promptly at 9am, except for Friday the 28th. I would like to do a full moon ski that evening! I’ll be sending out another email in a few days to ask for parent volunteers to prepare some snacks, etc for this, and of course any parent who would like to join us that evening for a moonlight ski is more than welcome!

Also, as usual, our training schedule is available on lvhsnordic.org is you have any questions. Feel free to call or email me as well!

Merry Christmas to everyone, and safe travels if you are going out of town! Oh, and that reminds me: there is no problem if your child will not be at practice during Christmas break; I would ask, however, that they let me know ahead of time if they will be out of town, and I can give them some alternative workouts they can do on their own to maintain their fitness over break.


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