Hi skiers and parents –

Where did the season go? It’s time for the State meet already, which we are of course hosting this year! Thank you to those who have generously donated your time to volunteer in various capacities this weekend.

Races begin at 9:30am both days. The boys will start first Friday; girls will start first Saturday. Friday will be a 5k classic race, and Saturday will be a 10k skate race. There will be a banquet for all teams in the LVHS Commons beginning at 6pm on Friday. Cost is $10/plate. The school will pay for our athletes; parents and others may pay at the door.

The bus will leave Friday morning from the Field House at 7:00am. We will likely be heading back to town by noon or so, so skiers will have several free hours before the banquet. Skiers, please use this time well: go home, eat a healthy snack, shower, take a nap, relax, etc. If any of you get the urge to go for a 10 mile run or go to jazzercise class, etc, please try to resist the temptation, just for today! Then please plan to join us at 6pm for the banquet.

Saturday the bus will leave at 7:30am. We’ll do all-state and team awards at Beaver Creek following the races.

Our end-of-the-year team potluck dinner will be Monday, Feb. 25th in the high school Commons at 5:30pm. (I believe Pat sent out an email with the details, but let me know if anyone did not get the email and we’ll be sure to forward it to you.)

Equipment return: I’ll post a sign-up sheet in the wax room tomorrow so skiers can sign up for a time slot to hand in their uniforms, warm-ups and rental equipment next week. I’ll be at the wax room on Monday the 25th from 3:30 to 4:30 and Tuesday the 26th from 3:30 until ??. Please make sure all uniforms/warm-ups are washed before you hand them in. Thanks!

Ok, I think that’s it. Have a great week everyone,


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