Please see Becca’s note below.

You can check out camp details here


Begin forwarded message:

From: Rebecca Watson <rsophie98>

Subject: Camp Registration

Date: April 25, 2015 at 3:14:05 PM MDT

To: Andy Quick <ajquick_9>, Cassidy Jerding <Cassidy_Jerding>, Emily Tilden <emilymtilden>, George Pasek <gpasek>, Greta Olafsen <gretaolaf>, Holly Thayne <hsthayne>, Justin Kinner <justin_kinner>, Pat Rodgers <Pat_rodg33>, Pete Freire <pfreire343>, Rainer Kenney <rkenney13>

Hi Coaches,

This is a quick reminder that May 1st will be the last day for registering for the UW Memorial Day Camp! If we don’t get at least 15 athletes we will have to cancel the camp! Right now we have 6.

Please remind your skiers to register!

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